Who has time to come up with a summer bucket list when they’ve basically been rearranging furniture all day?  Yet somehow, we still managed to hit up the farmers market and drop a load on outrageously priced (but totally worth it) cheese and bread.  The most exciting was a $1 worth of completely ripe local peaches, which I fashioned into a cobbler which is just begging to be eaten.  What’s that, cobbler?  I’ll be right there!

So the summer bucketlist has been postponed, but only because we had to make room for the new furniture which will be delivered on Wednesday.  And I had to make cobbler.  And zucchini bread.  I have 2 more store bought zucchini in my–Cobbler!  I said I’d be right there!–fridge.  Another 4 on my kitchen counter picked from our garden, and 3 more coming.  I wonder if I can make zucchini cobbler?

And speaking of cobbler….


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