5 years ago

5 years ago,  this very moment that I post this, I was sipping a champagne spritzer and laughing and dancing with friends at our wedding reception.  Here are a few things I like about my husband:

  1. He laughs alot.
  2. He makes me laugh alot.
  3. He laughs at me alot (is there a pattern here?)
  4. He doesn’t take things too seriously.
  5. He thinks I’m irresistable in sweatpants.
  6. He is incredibly patient.
  7. He is excellent with kids.
  8. He makes friends everywhere he goes.
  9. He likes things that I like.
  10. He tells it like it is.
  11. He humors me (mostly).
  12. He would do ANYTHING I ever asked of him.
  13. He dances a mean jig.
  14. He gives the best hugs.
  15. He doesn’t expect me to be anyone else than who I am.
  16. He is 100% himself 100% of the time.
  17. He has a closet love of pop music.
  18. He embraces his nerdiness, and mine.
  19. He is often better at doing the laundry than I am.
  20. He thinks everything I make is delicious (even when it’s not).

I could go on, but I won’t. What I will do is ask you to consider what you love about someone close to you.  When you do that, it’s pretty hard to feel bad about anything in your life.  C’mon, just try it. You’ll be glad you did. 


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