For real?

Kevin and I attended a Planning Commission Meeting for our fair community last night.  Specifically, the meeting was a forum for discussion about putting a (brace yourself) MCDONALD’S along one of the main through streets, right at the end of two lovely residential streets.  Now, it’s a very convoluted issue because what’s in the spot now is terribly undesirable because it’s ugly and not being used.  BUT, creating lots of traffic, noise/sound/light/trash pollution, doesn’t exactly seem like the answer.  Nor does putting in another bix box/major chain type of place.  There is already an Applebees, Boston Market, Whole Foods, First Watch, Quizno’s, Arby’s, Burger King and Georigio’s Pizza within a half mile of the proposed new site.  There are alos other local businesses–Rascal House Pizza, Geraci’s (Guy Fieri went there!), Bialy’s Bagels, O’Reilly’s Pub, etc. Notice the trend?

Personally, my argument against it is this–it’s not the best choice.  Shouldn’t we wait for THE best choice, rather than just putting any old place there?  Particularly if you are going to reduce land values, and create an unsafe and unstable traffic pattern in an already congested area?  Particularly if there are already so many fast food places in close proximity to 5 schools?

It’s outrageous and thinking about it makes me crazy. I’ll likely blog about it again, but I had to get a thought down about it now.  Promise to keep it a secret, but I think a certain group of city officials is getting a strongly worded letter….


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