I’ve been waking up in the mornings in the worst moods.  Yesterday, everything annoyed me.  This morning was headed down that path…until I stepped on the scale.  What kind of a brilliant, confident, and sexy woman thinks to herself “I sure am in a piss-poor mood.  I think I’ll weigh myself!”??????  Ugh.  Ugh indeed.
I was sorry the instant that I did it.  And mad at myself, too. 

Mad because I entertained the thought of getting on the scale in the first place and even more incensed because I’m the one who ate TWO (of the most delicious, buttery, straight-off-the-streets-of-Paris tasting) pastries yesterday based on the mere fact that they were placed in front of me…

and had more sweets after dinner last night. 

And neglected to go for a walk, despite the perfect walking weather and the fact that I desperately need excercise. 

Multiply that by the last……….few months? 

Yeah, no surpise I’m at the absolute worst number I could possibly be at.  The number that is at the absolute top of my limit. 

The number I told myself I would never get to unless I gained it with baby weight.  Yet, I have no baby (which, again, muddles the issue…but that’s another blog post entirely).

Well, hellooo undisclosed number. I’m moody and my pants don’t fit.  So shut up, and don’t make yourself comfortable.  You won’t be staying long. 


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  1. yeah, scales are just about the worst thing ever invented. i can't stand them. things were going so well in school when i could be regimented (and had to drive past the free gym every day leaving class). bar studying has killed my figure. i have GOT to get back in shape.

    i'll encourage you if you encourage me? 🙂

  2. I am going through the same exact thing now….I am at the top of a limit I did not even know I had ha ha. The whole getting married and gaining weight thing was true for me {for both of us :-)} and I don't like it one bit, but yet I never seem to do anything about it. Ugh, thanks for reminding me lol. Oh that reminds me my bank account showed my gym membership just renewed itself…I guess I need to go!

  3. Eff scales.

    I'm giving myself to my 30th b-day to get to my ideal weight. That gives me five months.

    And it starts right after I get back from Philadelphia where I plan on sustaining myself on pretzels and beer.

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