Benvenidos a la casa!

I’ve been quiet, I know.  But I’ve also been pretty busy.  I can’t believe that it’s already June!  And not just barely June.  We’re kind of in the thick of it now.  Where did May run off to, exactly?  Despite all of this, we are both home now and ready to settle in for the summer. 

Kevin returned safely from El Salvador in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, despite volcano erruptions in neighboring countries and torrential rains thanks to Tropical Storm Agatha.  His pictures are amazing and I’m flat out loving the stories.  I spent most of the time he was gone in PA, bonding with the newest Alwine niece, visiting with family, and celebrating two important events–the passing of my 31st birthday and Hannah’s graduation from Kindergarten.  Photos are available if you’re interested.

For the most part, June has been a month of gifts. Besides tickets to see Eddie, I got some wonderful and rare varieties of tomato plants from my sister AND canning supplies from my mom.  I see many jars of pickles and tomato sauce in my future.  Let me know if you want to pre-order yours!  I also received some fun baubles from Kevin’s journey, plenty of drawings from Hannah, and even a gift certificate for a Threadless T from a friend.  Then there are the intangible gifts–a smile from my 5 week old niece, complete with dimples; chatting with my sister as she nurses her new baby; a “sleep over” with Hannah; a squeeze from my mom; Saturday morning breakfast at my favorite spot with my husband.  If this is any indication of the days to come in June, BRING IT ON.  Please!

How are you welcoming summer?


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