Tenga buen viaje!

Kevin leaves for El Salvador in a little less than 31 hours.  I know he’ll have a very meaninful and rewarding experience with the students he is accompanying. 

The first summer we began dating, I returned home to sweet, sweaty ‘Bama and Kevin left Cleveland for a 10 day immersion trip to Ecuador. I remember that time to be particularly excruciating because what limited communication we had with one another was severely haulted by that trip.  Rather than talking on the phone, I started writing him a letter.  It started out a simple letter, but quickly turned into the letter of epic proportions.  My urge to share everything I was experiencing without him was insatiable. 

Fast-forward 10 years to a time where even when we were apart for Kevin’s heavy recruiting season, we were not really apart thanks to texts and cell phones.  His cell phone will not likely work in the remote regions of Latin America.  No phone calls to blow off steam on the drive home from work, no late night texts.  It will be hard, but I know we’ll have so much more to share with one another when we are together again.

In the meantime, please join me in sending all the safe-travels mojo you can to him and his group! 


2 thoughts on “Tenga buen viaje!

  1. When Matt and I were dating, he had to take an extended trip to Spain and was gone for about a month. After he left, I found a stack of letters, each in a separate envelope with the date I was to open it. He wrote me a letter for every day he was gone and that was probably the moment I realized I was going to marry him.

    I hope Kevin has a wonderful, safe trip down there! There's some serious travel envy on my part.

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