If you’re wondering, I’m not nearly done swooning.  In fact, my recent encounter with Eddie Vedder has left me feeling as obsessive as a teenager. AMAZING show.  I totally understand how folks could follow a band around the country, attending every show, staying in hotels a la Almost Famous.  Sigh.

However, life rambles on here in northeast Ohio.  Kevin’s back continues to be an issue–not just physically, but emotionally. We are both equally sick of having a patient in the house.  He wants no more to lay around and be sendentary than I want to come home after a long day of work to prepare, serve, and clean up after dinner (thanks to a broken dishwasher, that task is extra fun!) and then take care of all other things around the house solo.  Stack on the added stress of not knowing when Kevin will return to real life to help with said tasks, a house that desperately needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom, a graduation party that needs to be prepared for in all kinds of ways, and a girl that needs some R&R to survive what has become “April, the busiest month ever: The Sequel”.  Barf.

I’m just hoping the weather holds this weekend.  I’m planning to head to to the garden center tomorrow and buy everything they got and do some major gardening and outdoor sprucing.  It is time!  I know it will be hard work, and I’ll likely have to do it alone.  But atleast the end result will be pretty.  It’s worth working hard if you end up with something pretty rather than the horrible, spiraling, thorn-in-my-side kind of projects I’m working my butt off on at work.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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