Roll out the red carpet…

…I’ve got some awards to give! 

First, let me thank you for supporting the 1st Annual ‘Bama on the Brain Springtime in the South Photo Contest!  I received 12 amazing, spirited entries to the contest through the ‘BOTB facebook fan page. All I have to say is thank goodness I didn’t have to make the decision on my own!  Instead, I left that up to the BOTB fb fans.  Folks weighed, commented, and sent their opinions to my inbox.  It was anybody’s game.  Somehow, though, there was still a tie.  Not one, not two, but three photos tied for 1st place alone!  Why don’t I just stop writing now and show you the winners?  

In 3rd place:

White sugar sandy beaches are one of my favorite things.
In 2nd place:
I imagine him caught in the act of screaming “Springtime!!!”

And the threeway tie for 1st place:

There are many days where I’d like to be sitting on that there bench, watching that there sunset.
He looks happy…or like he wants to eat me.
We just don’t get azaleas like this here in Cleveland, ya’ll.
Congratulations to all! Also, I offered a separate award to the top voter in the contest.  We also had a tie for the top commenter: Michelle Jadick and Kristin McIntyre.  Prizes to follow, but the braggin’ rights you can have immediately. 
Take a look at the other entries:
Such a cool shot.

Brave little Badger, up in a tree.  Not in THE south, but as Joel says “south of somehwere”

So jealous of the long growing season.

Beautiful flowers on the eastern shore!

What a happy boy on a happy swing on a happy spring day!

Nesting birdies are the epitome of spring

Kinda helps you understand why I always have my ‘bama on the brain, huh?

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