Oh April!

I’m sitting in my lazy boy in the living room, lap top on, well, lap.  Mythbusters is on the TV, husband is playing FB games or reading about the Cavs on the couch nearby, and I’m waiting for the cup of frankencoffee (1/2 regular, 1/2 decaf with fat-free French Vanilla creamer) I had with my bagel this morning to work it’s magic. 

I’ve been so focused on promoting the BOTB photo contest and maintaining a certain degree of sanity in my “real life” that I realized I’ve carefully, somewhat unintentionally, removed myself from this here blogspot.  Where has my voice gone?  April was…intense, to say the least.  So intense, in fact, that I’m kind of at a loss of where to begin.  Oh, April!  You’ve left me speechless. 

I guess the irony of this is that when I reflect back on April, I realize that so many wonderful thing happened: My two big projects at work went off, after much worry and sleep loss, SPLENDIDLY giving our entire staff at work a bit of a high note to focus on in a much stress inducing race to finish out our fiscal year.  We welcomed not one, but two new nieces into our mix of wonderful kids in our lives.  Mary Catherine was born into her family of 6 brothers on April  16 and Halen Elizabeth was welcomed by a very excited and anxious older sister Hannah on April 27th.  We spent our weekends prepping our garden, doing housework, and celebrating birthdays, and spending time with good friends. 

Yet, April has left me feeling a little dissatisfied.  But I’m not giving up just yet.  Pearl Jam happens a week from today, Kevin officially graduates two weeks after that, and I’m spending a gloriously long weekend in PA at the end of May to celebrating Memorial Day, my 31st birthday (ack!), and getting to know Halen. 
And that’s just the good stuff that I know about!   I’m no idiot either, so I know there are going to be some things that suck (i.e., work stuff) but I also know that I’ll make it through and hopefully I’ll have some other good things to share.  Bring it on!


3 thoughts on “Oh April!

  1. April kind of sucked for me, so I'm glad to see it go. Thankfully, it went by quickly.

    Plus, don't forget, you'll see me in less than a week in addition to Pearl Jam. 🙂

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