Doesn’t this sound fun?

You may have read about this contest I’m throwing but I’ve just extended the deadline. Here’s how to get in on the action:

  1. Have you become a fan of Bama On The Brain on Facebook?  Do that first.
  2. If you are currently living in or from the south, upload photos of  “Springtime in the South”  to the Bama On The Brain Facebook page.  Can be flowers, events, people, landscapes, etc.  Whatever means springtime in the south to you.  The only rule is that it has to be an actual photo that you (or someone you know) took.  No downloading from the interwebs and trying to fool me.
  3. Submissions are due by NEXT FRIDAY, April 30th (this is the extended deadline!)
  4. If you are not currently living in the south, I’m depending on you!  I need you to help judge the contest by giving your feedback about which photos are your faves.
  5. The best photo will get an awesome (albeit inexpensive) Cleveland-themed prize.  Folks who are most active in the judging will also get a cool southern-inspired prize too.

Now doesn’t that sound fun?


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