Are you with me?

Dear Creativity,
Why is it that you must strike at exactly the wrong time?  I love that you gave me a great opening line this morning on my way to work. But you and and I both know that there is nothing to be done with that great line until many hours later and that the freshest, best ideas will have completely passed by then.  Not to mention that the energy to sit down and write, paint, or anything creative of the sort is nary a thought by the time I get home, get fed, excersie, and get settled in.  You see how this could be problematic, right?

It’s not that I don’t appreciate you, Creativity.  I do.  Desperately.  In fact, I wish you’d strike more often. I could use some creative juices in all parts of my life these days. So please, keep coming.  I’ll try to have the patience to piece together what you’re tossing out to me, but you gotta promise to give me the piecees in the first place.  Are you with me?



3 thoughts on “Are you with me?

  1. Dear Kelly's Creativity,

    Would you please come to Kelly when she has time to act on it or at least stay with her until the right moment arises. We are all thristy for more Works of Kelly. So start cooperating!


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