Random thoughts on Easter Sunday

  •  Friday night I arrived home from a rather harrowing and emotion-heightened day of work to a plate of cheese and bread, wonderful wine, and a grilled salmon dinner all planned out by my sweet, sweet hubby.  After dinner, we decided to walk to get some ice cream to cap off a wonderful spring evening.  On the corner of the street, we encountered an elderly man complete with walking stick and yellow cardigan.  His eyes brightened as we approached and he immediately inquired about the sounds of cheering crowds (we live a stone’s throw from a college campus and there were baseball games underway).  We let him know there was a baseball game going on, smiled, and assumed that we would go our separate ways.  The sweet old thing continued to walk with us for about 2 blocks asking the same set of questions about 3 times, bless his heart.  It was clear he just needed some companionship, even if it were but for a block or two.  I have to confess that I did worry a bit about what he was doing by himself and if he could remember how to get home but I could find no tactful way of asking a grown man if he was lost. Our neighborhood is the kind where people look out for one another, so I had a feeling he was pretty safe.
  • Roller Derby was awesome and I, for one, intend to go back.  Not only was it a double-header.  Not only was there amazing, vicious hip checking.  NOT ONLY were the ‘Rockin Robots’ the half-time entertainment (including faux keytar), but the second bout went into DOUBLE OVERTIME!!!  Apparently, this is virtually unheard and very rare in the world of Roller Derby.  I’m still brainstorming potential Roller Derby names and contemplating buying knee pads…
  • Post-Derby and after some food and drinks at one of our favorite watering holes, we were on our way home when we witnessed something very confusing during what had to have been an Easter Vigil Mass.  Fireworks.  The big ones like they set off for July 4th.  Being set off by random guys outside a church.  While a huge crowd of church-goers holding candles watched.  I’ve certainly never witnessed fireworks being used to celebrate the resurrection.  Did I mention that all of this was taking place at the on-ramp for the highway and directly under the overpass and that there were no cops or firemen around?  Seems like a safe way to celebrate, I guess.  It certainly does have me perplexed about Easter…
  • We did some garden planning yesterday and I’m really excited about the possibilities. This year’s potential crop includes: Strawberries, beans, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers (for pickling), a variety of herbs, sunflowers…  What other things should we grow?  We have a bed that is significantly larger and I’d like to do a mix of flowers and veg.  Suggestions are appreciated.
  • I can think of no better way to celebrate a Sunday than by breakfast, coffee, sunshine, and plenty of family time to come.  My only wish is that I could be with my entire family, and not just Kevin’s side.  I think we’d all have a ton of fun together…

How are you celebrating your Sunday?


8 thoughts on “Random thoughts on Easter Sunday

  1. Peppers, herbs, squash, leeks and a lot of greens for fresh salad fixings. I'm also doing a whole mess of root vegetables – carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, etc.

  2. Peppers! Yes! Inadvertently left off the list. Any suggestions on bunny natural bunny deterrants? We are rabbit central in our yard and I would hate those tender little shutes of lettuce to be enjoyed by anyone other than moi!

    If we planted root veggies, we probaly wouldn't be able to reap their benefits until August, which would probably be ok…

  3. Spring Garden planning is underway here too!
    I recommend buying a bag of onion sets and planting them throughout your garden beds to deter the critters. That and a flat of marigolds planted the same way should work nicely…
    or get a puppy!

  4. A low fence of chicken wire should keep the bunnies out, marigolds and/or garlic and onions.

    I intentionally plant an “animal friendly” garden patch to keep the birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc out of my garden (sunflowers for the birds, extra spinach other leafy greens and a tomato plant – I usually start way too many seeds and have extra seedlings to sacrifice).

  5. I would also suggest a low fence…marigolds and moth balls (my grandma swore by them) did not save our garden from all the rabbits and other critters…good luck!!

  6. sounds like y'all had a lovely day!

    sunday brunch is perhaps one of my favorite things on this earth. i actually drove seven hours to austin, texas this weekend, basically to go to brunch at my favorite brunch place on the planet. i take this seriously.

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