Sunday Surprises

I think I’ve done a proper job of establishing the fact that I’ve not quite been myself lately.  However, I’ve had quite surprising weekend.  Some of the surprises were not great ones–like knocking over an entire rack of magazines at the grocery store or in an absent-minded stupor, coming this close to using a cotton ball full of polish remover to remove my eye make-up.  But there were minor successes as well–like making a new friend in an unexpected place, or managing a tasty marinade for a flank steak/fajita dinner.

This morning, Kevin and I attended mass for our nephew Matthew’s first holy communion.  With several kids under the age of 7 in attendance, it’s a small Palm Sunday miracle that out of the 13 small children in our group, only one was unable to sit for the whole hour and a half.  Luckily, Aunt Kelly had crayons in her purse.  Man, am I a wanna-be mom or what?!  Connor and I spent the majority of the service counting doors in the hallways (“One, Two, Three, Four, Six, Four, Nine, Eight, Three….”) and sitting on the floor by the window, listening to the rain fall, whispering to one another,  and drawing pirate ships and pictures.While I’m disappointed I didn’t get to hear what rumored to be an awesome homily I spent my worship time doing exactly what I was meant to do and I loved every second of it. 

Surprised?  Yeah, me neither.


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