Heroes and Villains

I’ve been thinking alot about heroes and villians today.  Perhaps it’s because I had myself one hell of a day.  Perhaps it’s because I had a cup of coffee this morning (and sangria with dinner).  Perhaps it’s because I spent about 40 minutes on the elliptical tonight and when I’m on the elliptical I like to watch old Felicity episodes and reflect on the day.  Perhaps it’s because I had to enact some serious deep breathing today as an all too familiar foe reared their ugly head.  Who knows?  They’ve just been on my mind.

Actually, I spent alot of time today with my blood bubbling and tears far too close to the surface for my comfort.  Why is it that I let people affect me so?  Why is it that I repeatedly let those have power over me who should not?  Why do I let them make me doubt myself?  Why do I let them beat me down?  Oh my friends, one hell of a day has been had.  An epic fail of a day. 

But we know that every foe in life has a dramatic foil.  A hero, if you will.  Holy cow do I have lots of heroes!  For every completely awful and horrible beast of a person, I’m completely and utterly blessed to have so many that are supporting me.  This support comes in all different shapes and sizes and if you are reading this, you are more than likely one of the “good guys”.  In the midst of my 9 to 5 tradgedy, it was brought to my attention that another hero had surfaced.  Jessica from Have We Met?  has been following this blog for a while and bestowed the following upon little ol’ me:

What a surprise and what a wonderfully heroic save to a complete failure of a day!  I’m touched, to say the least.

But with an award such as this, there is some stuff I must do. First, I share a bit about myself with you.  As if my life isn’t a completely open book website for you to read my deepest thoughts and desires as is!  But, I’m a good girl and always do as I’m told so here goes nothing.

1. My husband wants me to tell you that I married a charming, funny and handsome man.  I confirm this, but also share with you that while he is charming, handsome, funny AND a friggin’ saint for marrying someone as loopy as me, he’s a pretty damn lucky guy too.

2. I was recently asked to write a bio for an awesome writing project I am going to be published in next month and I accidentally admitted to a dream I’ve had inside for many, many years.  I’m not sharing yet, but much research is being done and lots of things are being considered.  It would be a huge leap of faith and a completely new direction for me.


4. I have a hard time finishing things.  I like to start lots of things, but I have a hard time finishing them.  I believe that is why I love bloging and cooking so much.  There is a logical ending.

There!  Four things you may not have known before.  Now, the second half of my task–to pass it on.  I bestow this award upon the following in the hopes that they will pass it along:

To Heartsick and Headstrong: Surviving a Heart Attack at 30 for blogging about…well, surviving a heart attack at the age of 30.  She’s hugely courageous and someone I look up to. 

To Magnolia for her dry wit and Kreativity. She’s new to the blogging world and having a ball writing all kinds of scandalous things.  And she does it better than Julie Powell, I think.

To Plastic Box, a new blog I’ve recently discovered.  She has somehow managed to blend sass, humor, perspective together in the perfect blogging cocktail.  A “blogtail” if you will. That was bad, and the chica over at Plastic Box would come up with something far more witty and appropriate than I ever could.

Don’t forget to pass it along, award winners!  Who are your heroes?


5 thoughts on “Heroes and Villains

  1. Hi! I found you through Kim at Perfectly Cursed Life. I'm the same way – I start tons of projects but have the worst time finishing them. I've started giving myself deadlines and that works for some reason . . .

    I have to ask – are you from Alabama? Is that why its on the brain? If so, what part? I ask b/c I'm from (and currently live in) Bama and that would make me really happy to find another person from here . . .

  2. Ari, I do in fact hail from L.A. (Lower Alabama)! I was born and raised in Mobile, but made the move to great white north for college. I still have family and a many wonderful friends that live there…and read this blog. Glad you found the blog and I hope you'll keep reading.

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