Speechless in Cleveland

I feel as though this past week should be addressed in some way.  I mean, it was quite a friggin week…and not in a good way.  But frankly, I feel like it would be one long bitch-fest kind of post and I feel as though my energy should be spent pumping myself up for what I know will be another hard week, rather than reliving the past week. Good riddance, events of last week!

In an effort to keep things positive, there are a few things that I think will get me through the week to come:

  • Deep breathing
  • Sangria
  • Being able to work out my agression on the elliptical machine
  • Book Club
  • Hot Tea
  • Sunshine
  • The prospect of sweet, sweet Spring
  • Kitty snuggles
  • Bubble baths
  • Hugs
  • Laughing
  • Clean sheets
  • Good friends
  • Friday

Could there be anything more?


4 thoughts on “Speechless in Cleveland

  1. Sorry it was such a crappy week. Drinking Sangria in a bubble bath might help.

    I left an award for you over on my site!

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