Puerto Rico on the Brain?

I hate that saying–you know, the one that goes “All good things must come to an end”.  Why?  Why must all good things just up and stop?  Our flight got in yesterday from San Juan and boy was it a system shock.  Yesterday morning, we woke up to 80 degree temperatures, palm trees, and waves crashing and when we pulled into our driveway last night, Kevin had to shovel our side steps to even be able to find them so we could unload our suitcases.  Atleast a foot of snow on the ground.  However, it should be no surprise that it has been hard to come back.  Less than a week ago, I was swimming.  In the ocean.  In February. Never-the-less, our trip was wonderful, and while the ending was kind of rocky with cancelled flights, etc., it all worked out for the best.  We ate some great meals, saw some fabulous things, and had a great time just sitting.  It was everything we were hoping it would be. 

When we arrived in San Juan, we were tired, slightly smelly from travel, etc., and were ready to officially R&R! Our first day was a beach day.  We spent the morning soaking up the sun (it was HOT and it wasn’t even 11 a.m.) and the afternoon in old San Juan.  I love the beach and was thrilled to be able to sit and look at the blue water.  There also wasn’t a cloud in the sky, which is probably why both of us burned the first day–that and our sunscreen wasn’t worth crap AND we neglected to reapply after swimming in the water.  You think I’d know better, but I was drunk on the sunshine, I tell you. Drunk.

Old San Juan is the original port that spanish ships sailed into back in the 1400’s when they came to “new wold” so there’s a lot of history in this part of San Juan.  All the streets are these really beautiful blue cobblestones that were made from the ballasts of the ships that used to dock there. It was beautiful, though there were some touristy parts since that is where the cruise ships also dock for the day.  While in Old San Juan, we stopped in at a restaurant called Barrachina, which boasts the origin of the ultimate umbrella drink–the Pina Colada!  Words cannot describe the amplitude of deliciousness that was this Pina Colada.  I have been dreaming about it ever since–so much so, in fact, that I purchased a can of coconut creme’, pinapple juice at the grocery store today to go along with the bottle of Don Q Rum that we bought at the Duty Free Shop.  I WILL RECREATE THIS DRINK!  IT WILL GET ME THROUGH THE REST OF THIS GOSH DARN SNOWY SEASON!

The next day involved more beaching, and more city walking, which was totally fine with me and the next day we took a tour of the El Yunque dwarf Rain Forest.  Condado, the area of San Juan where we were staying, is very interesting to me.  The whole time we were there, I would say things to Kevin like “I just can’t figure this place out!”  I mean, less than a block away from the Luis Vitton store we passed a group of guys hanging on the sidewalk with 3 ROOSTERS (which we did not get a picture of because we didn’t want to see so incredibly blatantly touristy).  But hello?!  Roosters?  What was also so exciting about this trip was seeing Kevin get back to his Latin American love.  He’s spent time in both Dominican Republic and Ecuador and is heading back to El Salvador in May and it was fun to see him in his element. 

Our last day was a little stressful when our travel plans changed due to the weather.  But when the universe offers you another day in paradise, you have to take it!  Unfortunately, it rained and rained that afternoon, but not before we got in a few hours of reading around the pool and were able to walk down to this awesome pizza place where we got a pitcher of Sangria, an order of tostones (fried platains), and a pizza with ham and pineapple.  We had several wonderful meals and became quickly addicted to the sunshine and cafe’ con leche–but that’s another blog entirely…

Photos are coming soon.  We are uploading them to our newly created Shutterfly account.  I’ll post a link soon!


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