Estoy Aqui!

This is just a tiny blog update to let you know that Puerto Rico is awesome and I can’t wait to do a full blog post.  We’ve been here since Monday and it’s been great.  We even got a room upgrade when we got here thanks to some invaluable connections so instead of the room facing the (not so exciting) city around the hotel, we ended up with a room facing the ocean and the pool.  We also had a special delivery (again, thanks to connections) and the hotel manager sent us a fruit/crackers/cheese/wine basket to welcome us.  We’ve been noshing on it ever day! 

Today, we splurged for the $15 wi-fi access fee at the hotel so we could do a little research on the web, and feel connected again so I’m taking FULL advantage by posting.  So far, we’ve had many adventures which I will likely want to blog about when I can do them full justice–so you’ll just have to be patient and wait. We’ve had lots of beach time and some time exploring Old San Juan, which is one of my favorite places we’ve seen.  We’ve also spent our share of time walking the streets of the neighborhood surrounding the hotel.  We “splurged” again (isn’t this whole trip a splurge?!) and are taking a tour of El Yunque Rainforest in the morning and I’m super jazzed.  Outside our hotel, I can hear people laughing, waves crashing and tree frogs chirping. And, I’ve also had some nice umbrella drinks to honor those few requests.  Mostly, it’s been great to unwind and relax together.  It’s a great feeling when the biggest decision you will make in a day is whether to spend the afternoon at the beach or by the pool.  Basically, I feel incredibly blessed.

Do I really have to come home?


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