BOTB Presents: A Weekend Writer’s Workshop, Session 2

Earlier this week, I blogged about my lack of inspiration. For me, inspiration is about paying attention to nearly everything–how the light falls on the bowl of clementines on the kitchen table, the gravely voice of the man infront of me in line at the bank, the way a grilled cheese sandwhich crunches and oozes me into a happier place.  Inspiration, in my view, is also about reading.  I love reading and some of my favorite books are the ones without an elaborate plot or twist.  I really enjoy reading true and honest emotion and some writers just say it better than others.  I have always been drawn to those writers who can succinctly express an emotion.  One of my favorite poems of all time is the following by Margaret Atwood:

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
A fish hook
An open eye

I can let those words roll around and I can feel the story behind them.  I can imagine the elation of a crush, or that “new love” that we all feel at the very beginning.  That insatiable kind of hungry love when you can’t get enough and you are convince you and your newfound love are perfect together.  I can also imagine that day when things go horribly wrong and the anger and hurt is just too much to move past.  Only 16 words, but a ridiculous torrent of emotion. I aspire to write something so honest, so genuine, and so completely brief.  Sigh.  Someday…

What are some things that inspire you?


2 thoughts on “BOTB Presents: A Weekend Writer’s Workshop, Session 2

  1. Inspiration for me is found in quiet found when you get far enough away from civilization that when you look around yourself you couldn't tell if it was 2010 AD or BC. Today is a bright blue skied day. As I sit outside watching snow drop off the pine trees making the loudest sound I hear… I am inspired.

  2. my inspiration is so often found in my own life, just in what's happening around me. the characters i know in everyday living are enough to set my creative wheels in motion. i'm pretty grateful for that, actually.

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