Dear Universe: Strongly Worded Letter dated February 11, 2010

Dear Universe,

What. Is. Going. On.   No, seriously.  What is going on?!  I thought we were getting along swimmingly and that we were beginning to understand one another.  However, it is only February (and not terribly into February, I might add) and I’m already feeling like old times.  Let me get something straight.  Old times DO NOT equal good times. 

I’ve received alot of not great news this week.  Like, alot.  And I have to think you’ve got a little something to do with it.  For instance, why did Sophie’s tooth have to fall out?  Why is she going to have to have surgery to remove 5 other teeth.  I know she won’t care and it will be better for her in the long run, but I’m not exactly made of money.  Secondly, did my one miserable dental appointment need to be stretched into a subsquent 4 miserable dental appointments?  My mouth still hurts from the two sets of shots he had to give me on Tuesday.  Oh, and why did you have to give me the biggest pain-in-the-ass issue to deal with at work this week?  Can you also explain to me why I have a notice for a certified letter from the Clerk of Courts?  I have a feeling what it’s pertaining to (a traffic accident that happened 3 years ago–I was already sued once and the case was thrown out in arbitration.  Really, this has to happen again?).  Need I remind you that it is only Thursday?

We’re not exactly cool, you and me.  Consider this a warning. No really.  I mean it.

Sincerely (and most seriously),


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