Revamp-ire Diaries

What is it about rearranging furniture that makes us feel so much more in control of our lives, better about our living space, and just more…revived?  Today, during a grocery list-making pow-wow, Kevin decided to rearrange the furniture in our living room.This kind of behaviour can be overwhelming and, if I’m being honest, quite maddening.  I mean, I just want to decide what groceries we need for dinner!  Still, Kevin  charmed me against my will and before I knew it, I had cast the grocery list aside and was agonizing over the exact position of the loveseat, couch, and house plants.  I don’t know why we attempt to rearrange things.  One of us usually ends up beyond frustrated and the other one of us usually ends up saying such things like “Ok.  Clearly you are crazy so I’m going to get away from you.” 

Thing is, rearranging is important.  It’s necessary.  It’s healthy to take a critical eye to the day-to-day in our lives and make sure things still…work.  But by God, is it frustrating!  I get easily frustrated and overwhelmed by change.  I get frustrated because, while all the right elements are in play, I’m reminded that they could be better.  Our couches could be in better condition.  Our rug is too small for our living room. Nothing we have really matches.  I get upset that we don’t do more housekeeping, that almost everything we own is dusty, or covered in cat hair.   I feel inadequate, lazy, and ashamed.  I’m not proud of feeling this way, which makes things worse.  Leave it up to me to feel bad for feeling bad, right?  But I digress.

I guess the whole point of this is that change isn’t always pleasant or easy, but it’s still good.  It’s what forces us forward.  It reminds us where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.  It’s what makes us start saving for that new {insert thing you want here}, gives us new perspective, and helps us realize we deserve to give ourselves a break every now and again. 

As for me, the living room certainly won’t be the only change that is headed my way in the coming months.  I’ve got new projects ahead of me and new landscapes to explore. The ol’ twenty-ten won’t be a dull year, that’s for sure and that usually means change.  Some of it I know I will love, and some of it I know I won’t.  Regardless, change will still keep on keepin’ on.  So, while I’m not exactly going to offer it a tall glass of milk and a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies I can’t necessarily lock all the doors and pretend I’m not home either. I just have to shift my perspective from time to time and have faith that it will all be ok in the end.


One thought on “Revamp-ire Diaries

  1. I hear ya on this one! As difficult as it may be, sometimes a little rearrangin' is all ya need to have a new outlook on life. Especially this time of year, it's always nice to get things in order, whether it be in your house or in your soul, as we prepare for the fresh start of spring!! Sometimes a little re-ordering gives you the answer you've been searching for!!

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