Dear Friday

Dear Friday,
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for finally coming.  Finally. It’s just been one of “those” weeks.
A huge fan


There’s a fire going in the fireplace, snow is falling outside, I had a great workout, my tummy is full of THE BEST chinese food I’ve ever had. Oh, and I don’t have to go work again for another two days.  Life is good.

Of course, I was much less enthusiastic earlier in the week.  I’m a girl in need of some old fashioned R&R!

I’m also extremely excited to begin promoting this blog other places.  I encourage you check out the ‘Bama on the Brain page on Facebook.  I’ll also be embarking on a new writing project, thanks to my friend PCL.  She has started a writer’s and blogger’s journal called Drop of Ink and she is taking submissions!  Go here to learn more.  Submissions will be published quarterly and the topic for this round is “Beginnings and Endings”.

I think I know someone who will be writing this weekend…I just hope I don’t lose my nerve.


2 thoughts on “Dear Friday

  1. Thanks Jessica! I'm super excited too. I found an old file of poems I wrote in college (and never did anything with). Some might be good fodder for Drop of Ink submissions but I'd like to work on some new stuff too.

    We're not too badly snowed in here. Hope your raised bed boxes don't move around again! Good luck in the rain!

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