Just call me Pablo

Earlier this week, things seemed to be falling apart.  Not necessarily with me personally (though to some degree with me personally) but with other folks I know and some I don’t.  Situations from home and abroad had me feeling a little lacklustre.  MEK suggested I pen a letter to the universe but the days got away from me.  I had full intentions of doing this today, but the fact of the matter is that I’m feeling a little phunky.

It’s January in northeast Ohio, which means we have more cloudy days than sunny ones.  It’s been near 40 degrees the last few days so the crazy snow that had been piled up has gone icy, slushy, and downright disgusting.  It’s gray, gloomy, and there’s absolutely nothing about the landscape that makes you go all dreamy.  Despite my new daily vitamin, which is high in B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin D, I’m blue.  Not necessarily Picasso blue, but blue.

Hopefully, I can shake this.  I’ve been working out for atleast 20-45 minutes every other day.  I’m eating much better than I have been in the past–trying to eat more low-fat and veggie meals.   I know I’m doing all the right things.  Besides, we’ve got Puerto Rico to think about! 


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