I just gotta be me

When I first started this blog back in September 2003, it was for the novelty of it all.  I didn’t know what a blog was.  I didn’t know what I should write or focus on.  I was just in the moment.  Afterall, I was all of 24 years old.  I had no idea that years later (6 going on 7, to be exact) I’d still be at it. Ah, the innocence of youth! 

Now, I read blogs on a variety of topics.  Most blogs belong to friends, both near and far.  It’s a way to stay updated, hear fun family stories.  A few belong to people I barely know (if we’ve met at all).  A few others have a specific theme–battleing heart disease, fighting depression, cooking, etc.  I depend on these blogs–whether a fun family anecdote, a dose of culture, a recipe–to get me through my days and weeks. When I read these blogs, and when I blog myself, I feel a sense of community.  I know what people are eating for dinner, what the latest personal struggle or crisis might be, and I can respond with something casual like “Amen!  I feel the same way!” or a more personal response offering my most sincere of caring advice and thoughts. I also know that by putting myself out there, I’m perpetuating that feeling of community.   Some may argue that it’s a false community, because it’s not face to face blah blah blah.  They would argue that it’s isolating to push “real” people away for some virtual pleasure.  I would argue (and I’m sure you’d agree quite adamantly) that everyone I blog for is real.  You are real, aren’t you? I sure hope so.

Maybe I didn’t need to put a post about my Dad’s health or Kevin’s panic attack or my own stress and anxiety out to you several months ago.  But I chose to share it and by doing so, I let you in instead of shutting you out. And what I have received in return was nothing but an outpouring of the sincerest kind.
Recently, several of my blogging buddies have started up blogs with deeply personal stories in the hopes of impacting lives and it got me thinking about the goals of my blog.  When I started, I certainly didn’t have a goal or focus.  I’ve come to realize my goal is to just be me. This is the place where I can let my curls down and boogie if I want to boogie, cry if I want to cry.  All I can do is just do my thing and hope that it encourages you to do the same.


4 thoughts on “I just gotta be me

  1. Your blogging is adding to the atmosphere of the blogosphere. You may think you don't have a set purpose outside of giving yourself a space, but you totally do.

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