Welcome to my party

I promised I’d post some photos from our holiday and I deliver on promises.  Plus, I think photos are sometimes a great way to connect with or get to know someone better.  So enjoy!

Our first day down south started with a trip to Fairhope for shopping and lunch at Panini Pete’s.  We were hoping for beignets, but they weren’t serving them.  Still, we saw some pretty great local artwork. 

I have a soft spot for local, southern art in case anyone is wondering what to get me for my 31st birthday in May. 😉

We even saw a driftwood christmas tree, which I thought was pretty funny.

Panini Pete’s was on this cute courtyard that was modeled to look like the courtyards in New Orleans. 

(Hey, it’s my mom and Mark!)

Boats on my beautiful bay.

I don’t know who was more surprised at how close this guy let me get to him.  Handsome, ain’t he?

Roses in December.  That’s how we roll in ‘Bammy.

Solid first day.

Next, Kim, Todd and Hannah arrived.  No sooner had they arrived than Hannah busied herself with very important tasks with Papi (aka Mark).

There were all kinds of things to keep us occupied.  Like, a 1,000 piece puzzle which was quickly abandoned after day #3.

I also had an opportunity to monkey around with our new camera.  Here’s me trying to be Georgia O’Keefe.

Hannah had a tea party with some of our old stuffed animals. 

Did Todd have a religious experience in our family room?

Hannah got really excited when I was trying to remember how to play “Jingle Bells” on our piano.  She couldn’t stop jumping, can you tell?

At Dad’s house.  More jumping.
We made christmas cookies for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. 
Hannah and Dad had a great time making cookies.  But the next day was Christmas!!

Silly Uncle Kevin.

Christmas is so awesome it’s painful.
The dads got ties!  Can you tell which one was handmade?
Two words. Slap. Chop.
We are a good lookin’ group, don’tcha think? 
 (In order from left to right: Mom, Hannah, Todd, Kim, Me, Kevin and Mark)

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