Thank God December wasn’t NaBloPoMo! I’d never have accomplished anything!

Part of me is tempted to use this blog post to wax poetic about the nostalgia of the holiday season.  I could easily spend 500 words telling you all about how, when I was a child, the promise of the holidays was all my curly-headed self could ask for.  How the anticipation and magic of the season was something that I whole heartedly believe(d) in.  That I still get all starry-eyed when I see the twinkle of christmas lights.  That nothing pleases me more than giving gifts.

And all that would be fine and well and true, to be sure.

But more than anything, I’m ready for a break!  This week year was pretty up and down.  Take for example some very recent events:
Monday:  STRESS!  We are what seems like light years away from our goals at work.  Three paid days off and our status as “team players” hang in the balance.
Tuesday: Flat Tire and my boss finds out she has a pulmonary embolism.
Wednesday:  I had to teach a group of 9th grade students on the fly.  I managed to survive.  Kevin also finished his MBA officially!
Thursday:  After much hard work we reached the unsurmountable goal, yet no bosses are in the office to bask in our greatness. 
Friday:  A staff holiday party, lots of attitude, and most importantly, the beginning of my TWO WEEK vacation.

I also finished my christmas shopping, which rocks.  We leave for Mobile in the wee hours of Sunday morning (and I mean WEE).  There’s plenty of packing, wrapping, and general cleaning-so-that-the-house-isn’t-a-total-disaster-when-we-get-home to do.  But hello?  Two weeks!!! And then, just a few more weeks until Puerto Rico!  Christmas miracles do exist.  They really do.


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