An Open Letter to the Universe, Part II

Dear Universe,
I’m smiling right now.  Despite my questionable night of sleep last night, things are good.  Great, even.  First off, thank you.  My Daddy’s scan results came back and they were clean!  While this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some small amount of cancer in his body, it does mean that whatever cancer he does have is so minute that neither the PET scan or bone scan didn’t pick it up.  His PSA numbers are still rising, but that’s much less big a deal if everything else looks good and well.  Universe, this is huge.

Then, without even a twinkle of anticipation, I recieved the title to my car in the mail with a letter that read “Congratulations on paying off your vehicle!”  I remembered distinctly having financed my car for 7 years but apparently I was wrong.  It was 6 years and I’m THRILLED to begin the new year with some flexibility in how we allocate funds.

You even gave me a pretty damn productive day at work yesterday and those are tough to come by. 
I know there may be some rocky days ahead. I’ve come to realize that’s just part of life. However, I am beginning to think you really are in my corner more than I know. Right now, I feel pretty happy to have so many things to be thankful for.  I can’t remember whether it’s good to count your blessings or not, but let’s put it this way–I know what they are and I’m definitely grateful.

If you’ll excuse me, there’s a bright and sunny day I need to go enjoy.

Practically Giddy in Pajamas


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