Christmas came early

Yes, there are still 19 days until Christmas, but we decided to bring it on early this year.  With the help of Kevin’s parents, we were able to purchase our new DSLR camera!  We’ve been wanting a really nice camera for a long time and with the upcoming trip to my parents and the even more exciting trip to San Juan (sorry, family), as well as the ultimate disfunction of our previous camera, we thought it was time. We didn’t anticipate the purchase today but it was on sale at the wholesale club we belong to and we didn’t have to wait for it to be shipped, so we went ahead and did it. 

This made one of us very happy…

This person’s enthusiasm made others in the house question his sanity…

Others of us could not escape the incessant picture taking.

At times, we got a little crazy with the camera trying to figure out the settings.
And one of us was just plain bewildered.

More photos to come as we get this thing all figured out…


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