Farewell, NaBloPoMo

Maybe it’s because it’s a Monday.  Maybe it’s because it’s an evening after what has seemed to be a rather peculiar day.  Maybe it’s because it’s because it was a peculiar day after a wonderful 4 day weekend full of eating, movie watching, etc.  Maybe it’s because I was on the telephone the majority of the day today.  Maybe it’s because my boss called me into her office today.  And asked me to close the door.  And told me she appreciated me.  And told me that she enjoyed working with me.  And I was relieved! 

Or, maybe it’s because I’ve been blogging incessantly for a month.  Ok, maybe I’m being overdramatic by using the word “incessant” but it certainly feels like I’ve been doing it constantly.  I do have to say though, that it’s been pretty satisfying to carry something through.  I carry very few things through, so this was kinda a big deal in a small package.  I proved to myself that I can because I wanted to.  Now, I just need to find some bigger deals and set forth!  Yes, NaBloPoMo is over but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging.  I might stop blogging every day, mind you.  But that’s only so I have more interesting things to say when I do actually say them.  You’ll appreciate it too.  I just know it.

I talked to my Dad last week after his big appointment.  The good news is that he loves this new doctor.  Apparently, Dr. Reed is a specialist in metastatic prostate cancer and did a great job putting Daddy at ease, which isn’t easy since he hates doctors and is pretty convinced everyone wants to cut him open.  He has a bone scan scheduled for tomorrow and a PET scan on Friday.  They’ll be able to tell whether there are bigger fish to fry or whether they’ll proceed as planned with the hormone therapy to treat the cancer.  It’s good news for now and I’m hoping and praying with every ounce that I have that it stays that way as the week continues.

Also, my sister is healthy and so is her baby!  She’s having a girl which is so fun and I’m super excited!

AND, it’s really officially official.  We booked our flight to San Juan.  Don’t be looking for a blog post the week of February 22nd.  I’m gonna be by the beach sipping a rum drink…


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