We may not be able to compete with the Griswolds but still….

Do not be mistaken, this is not our house.  In fact, I’ve never lived in a household that went over the top for the holidays. White lights, greenery, and a festive bow or two was the extent of it.  Even my mom’s Christmas tree, in recent years atleast, is in hues that compliment the decor in their living room.

Today, I decided that I wanted to decorate our house for the holidays.  I know there will be no tree this year (again) because it doesn’t make sense to have a tree when you aren’t even in town for Christmas and when there are no gifts to sit, temptingly, beneath the bejeweled boughs.  But I thought to myself that this year, I’d like to show a little holiday cheer.  So we went out and purchased white mini-lights, an outdoor timer, a little fresh pine garland, and some red bows (and a longer string of lights…and an extension cord….and hooks to hold the lights once we decided to put lights around the door).  I gotta say the place looks pretty sweet.  So much so that I’ve been humming “Deck the Halls” for no real apparent reason all day. Yes, it’s only 3 strings of lights.  Yes, it’s only red bows and white pine.  But being able to decorate my home for the holiday season so I smile when I drive up in those dark winter evenings means more to me than anything.  So, do it up right if that’s your thing.  Use all kinds of obnoxious/blinking/flashing lights, blow up santas and snowmen if that’s what suits your fancy.  Just make sure you’re beaming inside when it’s all over.  It’s totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “We may not be able to compete with the Griswolds but still….

  1. First I'd like to say I completely disagree… a tree is always worth it!!! Even though you have to take it down the day you leave for the holidays and even though the presents underneath are sparse. Always get a tree. Besides, you are going to want a tree when you have a little one and if you don't start collecting ornaments now, your kid will laugh at you when you put up an empty tree for the first time. Second, Could we see a picture of the decorations on the blog? Pleeeeease!!

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