The unexpected

There are only a few days left of this blogging project.  While some days it’s pretty obvious I have more to say than other days,  it’s been a nice little ritual and release for me day after day. When it is all said and done in 5 days, I’ll be really happy I did it.  I’ve found a nice little community of readers, reconnected with people I haven’t spoken with in years, and made some new friends along the way.  I didn’t anticipate this when I set out on this project…

A common theme on this blog is the unexpected–things that come about in a different way than intended.  We all know too well the sayings out there like “Best laid plans…” and all that jazz.  Well, sometimes, things happen and all we can do is manage our reaction to those situations.  My December resolution is this:  appreciate more, thank more, stress less.  After all, I’ve got one hell of a husband, a wonderful family, the best friends a girl could have, a home, a job, and lots of love all around.  Who isn’t thankful of that?


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