That Pesky Universe…

Wonderful things happened yesterday.  Things that I am so incredibly thankful for.  So when I woke up this morning, there was a spring in my step.  I vowed to myself that I would not look a gift horse in the mouth* and I would not complain all day today. 

Oh, Universe!  Am I but a pawn in your daily game? 

Things began to go down hill around noon, but I was determined to hold on to my own. By 3 p.m., I had a voicemail from my sister letting me know that there was a astronomically high possibility our plans to get together for Thanksgiving were thwarted.  Hannah came home from school today with a fever, a headache, and a tummy ache.  This seriously bummed me out for several reasons: 1) I was really looking forward to hanging with my sister this weekend since she’s my absolute best of friends. 2) I was really looking forward to family cooking time, movies, and showing them more of Cleveland. 3) I feel awful for Kim and Todd if their holiday comes down to caring for a sick kid all weekend–especially for Kim who is preggers and can’t get sick herself  4) We bought lots and lots of food.  No really.  LOTS.

So there I was, bumming hard and finally I broke.  I shook my fist in retribution since there was nothing I could do.  What happens next?  Oh, you know, I find a decent flights to San Juan and find out that our reservations are confirmed for the last week in February as we’ve been planning.  The Universe taketh and the Universe giveth. 

I was upset, but also just plain old confused.  I mean, what was I supposed to think?  Contradictions were happening all around me.  I wondered what would happen next…and then I went to the dentist.  I apparently need not only one, not two –oh no!– but THREE fillings.  And a crown.  And a mouth guard so I can quit grinding my teeth at night.  And it’s going to cost me atleast $400.  Minimum. 


Universe, you and I are not on speaking terms.  I just don’t know if I can trust you. 

*Ever wonder about this phrase?  What the hell does it mean?


5 thoughts on “That Pesky Universe…

  1. “Looking a gift horse in the mouth” comes from the olden days, naturally. Looking in a horse's mouth is a way to tell its age, and if someone gave you a horse as a gift and you checked its teeth, it's like you assumed you're getting an old horse for a gift. Don't insult the gift-giver, basically. My dad taught me that. Useless trivia takes up WAY too much space in my head…

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