First Annual BOTB "Thank You for Blogging" Awards

The blogging genius that is Perfectly Cursed Life gave out her 2nd annual “Thank You for Blogging” Awards today and guess who was on the list?!  For a girl who’s been blogging for 6 years, but who has only recently put her heart and soul into it, it’s a pretty big honor. 

Here are the stipulations for this prestigious award:

1. Each recipient who receives a TYFBA must give away at least four (4) TYFBAs
2. Each recipient must describe, in at least three words why they are giving that person the award.

There was a third stipulation about gobbling.  Consider me gobbled, PCL!

Lord knows more than me that there’s plenty to be thankful for right now.  Today was big news Monday.  Big news entailed a visit to the oncologist by my dad, a visit to the OBGYN for my pregnant, at-risk (because of her age) sister, and a surprise visit by my mom to the doctor for some troubles she’s been having.  The news is as follows:  Dad’s cancer is back (which we knew) but he has found comfort in a most unsuspecting place–his oncologist.  He has a few more tests and bone scans to endure before he’s on a set course of treatment, but I think the fact that he loves his doctor is more important at this stage in the game. Especially since he could be in it for the long haul.  My sister’s doctor visit went extremely well.  Arms, fingers, toes, eyes, etc., all seem to be there and in the right places and doing the right things.  She also found out she’s having another girl! (Side note: Colleen, my sister-in-law is also having a girl after 6 boys).  April will be a fun month.  Lastly, my mom apparently had to have an ultrasound because she was having some symptoms that weren’t so great.  But she does not have ovarian cancer, so that’s another thing to be unexpectedly thankful for.

All of these thanks brings me back to being thankful for you, not only as readers, but as fellow bloggers.  Whether it’s a form of catharsis or a way to stay in touch with friends and families, blogging is a pretty powerful tool.  It can make miles seem like minutes. They can make us laugh, cry, or ponder the possibilities.  They can also be pretty inspiring. 

I hereby announce the winners of the First Annual Bama On the Brain Thank You for Blogging Awards:

1. Perfectly Cursed Life I know it may seem like a cop out to give an award back to the person who gave you an award in the first place, but damnit PCL, you’re the one who got me into this NaBloPoMo thing.  So the very reason I can offer this award to others is because of you.  Thanks for frequenting BOTB, leaving comments, and being all kinds of awesome and supportive.
2. Heartsick and Headstrong My dear, super skinny, super athletic, heavy smoking but relatively healthy eating friend had a full blown heart attack earlier this year.  At the age of 30.  So she handed in her pride and cigarettes for a blog to share her journey.  It’s awesome to read about her progress.
3. Painting A Day I’ve often touted the beauty of Facebook and one of them is being connected to people from my past…like my middle school art teacher!  I’ve always really loved her work and we have lots in common.  She’s the reason I bought paints after all these years…and probably the reason I had a nightmare about Caramel Cake on Friday night.
4. The Wednesday Chef So I don’t actually know her, but I’ve read every blog entry since I found a recipe she posted on her website about cheesemaking.  She does a great job blogging about food, but more so blogging about her life and even though we’ve never corresponded, I love reading her thoughts and take on life. 
5. Alabama Cuties A mix of family news and thoughtful perspective on life from a dear friend I haven’t seen in years.
6. Professor In the Kitchen  A take on life from a opera lovin’ foodie who also happens to be a college professor. 
7. 3rd Generation Working Mom  She loves indian food, gardening, and vampire novels.

I really could go on and on.  I mean, every single blog in my blog roll is deserving in one way or another.  Would I list it on my blog roll if it weren’t?   Don’t forget my TYFBA winners…you’ve got to pay it forward and offer this award to no fewer than 4 fellow bloggers.  Appreciation is contagious!


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