The Holiday Spirit

Ever since I saw Christmas decorations at Target on September 25th, the holidays have really turned me off.  I think that, perhaps, the extraordinary premature arrival of the holidays actually threw off my inner clock.  That and the sixty-degree weather we’ve been having in Cleveland.  To my surprise, Thanksgiving is already next week and Christmas is quick to follow. I can already count on one hand the weekends left before our annual trek to ‘bammy.  When on earth am I going to get all of our holiday shopping and my holiday candy/cookie making done?!

So anyways, I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t really been with it.

Once the OSU/Michigan game was over yesterday, I convinced Kevin to venture out with me to do some shopping.  See, I’m the one in my office in charge of coordinating and buying holiday gifts for a group of kids we adopt each year for the holidays.  The details of the adoption go something like this:  Sherwin Williams, a big friend to JA, has a great relationship with an innercity school in Cleveland.  The kids at this school (like most kids in Cleveland) don’t come from the greatest economic situations and some of them come from families that simply can’t afford to make a nice christmas.  So, each student at the school is adopted by an employee at Sherwin Williams to ensure that these kiddos have a great  holiday.  Because of the JA connection, we also get to take part in the fun. I took up a collection at work for our 5 little pre-K’ers and Kevin and I shopped yesterday.  It was a compulsion, really.  I was literally skipping in Target. 

See, while I dispise the crowds and the pressure associated with the holidays, I really REALLY really love giving gifts!  I’m sure if I had my own 5 kids to shop for, I would be feeling differently, but there’s really something very zen about making someone’s holiday wishes come true–even if their wishes are something simple like a baby doll with a baby stroller.


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