By Request: Part II

It was Valentine’s Day 2004.  Kevin and I had reservations that evening at a restaurant and had discussed going to see a movie.  We were never really into Valentine’s Day so it was a little funny that we actually made plans for once.  I spent most of the day running around getting ready.  I spent the better part of the day shopping.  I picked up various red candles, a card, a few movies (Sixteen Candles and Breakfast at Tiffany’s), the new Nora Jones CD.  My plan was this:  we would go to dinner, as planned.  Once dinner was over, I would excuse myself to go to the restroom, where I would call my housemates to let them know we were on our way back.  They would light the candles that I set out in the 3rd floor attic/den of our house and then abandon the house so that Kevin and I could have it to ourselves.  When we left the restaurant, I would suggest that we go home to check out the movie times and when we arrived at the house, I would suggest that the paper was upstairs on the 3rd floor and we would discover the romantic setting, the music, the movies and have a wonderful romantic night in.  Sounds like a pretty awesome night, right?

Here’s how it played out:
Kevin came to pick me up and we went to dinner.  Despite reservations, we had to wait a few minutes once we arrived.  I was VERY nervous because I had a surprise to execute!  Once our meals were done, Kevin excused himself to the bathroom.  Perfect!  I immediately put a call into my roommates but was a little annoyed when I didn’t get through right away.  They knew I’d be calling, for crying out loud!  I finally get through, tell them we’re on our way just before Kevin returns to the table.  We pay the bill, and on the way to the car, I bring up going to see a movie and suggest we stop at home to check movie times. 

We pull up to the house and there is clearly no one home.  I think to myself “Good work, roomies!” My plan is working.  I let us inside and we walk up stairs to my room.  I suggest that the paper is on the 3rd floor and grab Kevin’s hand to lead him towards the door to the 3rd floor.  When I open the door, I notice that my roomies have embellished and sprinkled rose petals up the stairs.  Silly girls!  With Kevin’s hand still in mine, we begin to walk up the stairs.  Kevin asks “What’s all of this?” and I respond “This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you!” Kevin responds “But this is my valentine’s gift to you?!”  Apparently, Kevin asked my roomies to decorate the 3rd floor with candles, etc….he just didn’t think that I would be the one to do it!

We turn on some music and I notice a large gift box on the futon.  Kevin tells me this is my gift from him.  I open the box to uncover some JCU swag which I had asked for (pants and shorts to wear to the gym, etc.)  but under all of that is another smaller gift box for a bracelet or something.  I pull this box out, intrigued.  I open the box and, at first, I don’t see anything but the fluffy stuff they put in bracelet boxes.  I’m so distracted that I don’t even notice that Kevin is getting down on one knee.  He tilts the box towards him and pulls out the ring that was hiding underneath the fluff.  To be honest, I don’t even remember the exact words he said because the minute I realized what he was doing, I hugged him so hard and tight.  I was crying, and laughing, and shaking and I couldn’t find words.  I was having such trouble, in fact, that Kevin had to remind me to actually give him an answer! 

Once we kind of composed ourselves, we started to hash out how this wonderful night had come to be.  First, my roomies had been in on it since Christmas when Kevin bought the ring.  Kevin had asked them to decorate the 3rd floor and had worked out a deal so that he would call when we were done with dinner and the could light candles, etc.  Remember when I tried to call the house to make sure the roomies could light the candles and it was busy?  Remember how Kevin excused himself to go to the restroom?  Right. 
So when we went back to the house, Kevin was confused as to why I was not surprised that candles were lit and petals were strewn.  And I wasn’t surprised, because I was the one that did it!!


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