An Open Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe,
Really Universe?  You finally tipped the scales in favor of positive things.  You gave me good weather, the drive to keep blogging, the compulsion to stay the course on my newly adopted excercise regime and a slightly more relaxed husband.  Hell, I even lost 3 lbs!  All of these things were well overdue, in my humble opinion.  Admit it, we haven’t been dealt the best hands lately.

So you can imagine my surprise, Universe, when just as easily as you favored the good, you decided to throw me some curve balls this morning.  Now, you know exactly what I’m talking about so I don’t need to tell you what you did.  But seriously.

I recognize that you are trying to teach me a lesson.  You seem to think that by giving me something heavy to deal with on a 65 degree, full sunshine day in November that it will make me appreciate the good times more.  It’s getting old.  Reeeeaaal old. 

It seems we at an impasse, you and I.  I’d offer to bake you cookies or a cake but we may be past that by now.  I’m open to ideas, but we need to communicate here. 

I’ll be awaiting your  response.

Disgruntled in suburbia


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