How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?

Remember that line from Ferris Buellers Day Off? (I heart that movie, btw)  That’s kind of how I feel today. I woke up thinking to myself  “Self, I’m totally not into what I have to do today.  I’m tired, I’m  up early, and I have to be ON.  Ick.”

Then, I had an amazing morning where everything went better than it possibly could have gone.  I had a great time schmoozing with a great group of people and doing what I do best.  I felt effervescent as I returned to the office.  Now I’m thinking to myself “Self, what an amazing morning!  Who cares if you feel like you didn’t get to those few phone calls?  Who cares if you didn’t do those reports?  There is always next week!  Besides, you were doing the most important kind of work!  REWARD YOURSELF!”

This is a brief and less meaty post than I intended, but Kevin and I are headed to an art opening for one of my friends and then out to dinner and drinks with some other friends that we are trying to get to know better.  Since I can’t guarantee I’ll have time for a thoughtful blog post before the clock strikes midnight, I figured I’d go ahead and wish you a big ol’ TGIF!


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