By Request: Part I

Yesterday, I put the call out for things that you’d like to know about me.  Not because I like to talk about myself, but because I needed some inspiration.  Remember when I started this blogging project and told you that I needed your help?  Well, I called in some favors and a few of you responded.  (Ok two of you responded, which I appreciate!  Don’t be shy.)

Lettie, a dear old friend (one of the dear old friends I’ve reconnected with thanks to Facebook and this blog), asked me to recount the Kevin & Kelly Story.  This is a pretty daunting task.  I mean, how on earth do you break down 9 years of togetherness without a) being totally boring and b) writing a crazy long post that isn’t totally sappy.  I mean, my laptop only has so much battery power.

So where do I begin?

Kevin and I met the fall of my junior year at Carroll.  He had a crush on my roommate and was obnoxious, spazzy, and thought he was waaaay funnier than he actually was.  But as the year went on, we became really great friends.  We would go for long walks late at night until 4 a.m.  We’d watch the moon rise and tell all our deepest darkest secrets.  By the final weeks of the school year, we were both hooked.  BUT, I was spending the summer in ‘Bama and he was traveling to Ecuador for an immersion trip and spending the rest of the summer home in Ohio.  So, we parted ways with the understanding that if we still felt the same way about each other after 3 months apart, then we’d know what to do.

We wrote epic letters, exchanged mixed tapes, and emailed every single day. We still have those letters, and they are HYSTERICAL.  We refer to that time as our “humble beginnings” and laugh about them often.  We also laugh about the fact that second semester of the year we met, I made the best grades I’d ever made in my college career, taking 21 credit hours, while Kevin made the lowest grades of his college career. I’m worth it, though, right?!  Yeah, I thought so!

When I think about it, there are lots of humble beginnings in my life.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll have to blog them a little more….

So, what else do you wanna know?


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