Warning: Help Wanted

Honestly, aren’t you sick of me yet?  You’ve got to be by now.  I mean, I’ve blogged incessantly for days about the same following topics:

  • My marriage
  • My quest for excercise
  • Stress Management
  • My falling-apart husband

There’s gotta be more to me, right?  Well there is.  I swear. C’mon, whaddya wanna know?

Guilty pleasures:

  • That damn Twilight Saga
  • Chocolate cake–if it’s in cupcake for, forgetaboutit!
  • The Duggars
  • Eating peanut butter straight from the jar


  • Blogging (duh)
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Movie watching
  • Reading (holla atcha, Book Club girls!)

Random facts:

  • Like the girl in Charlie Brown Christmas, I have naturally curly hair.
  • Certain friends of mine (and you know who you are) are obsessed with me having a baby.  I’m flattered, but it is also fueling my own (not so secret) obsession with having a baby.  Hellooo?  Kevin and I have a plan that we are sticking to!  I’d appreciate it if you called off the swarm of storks and let me come to you when I have some news to share. 
  • My top 3 bands are Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, and Radiohead but I’m really not that picky.  I love lots of music. 
  • I can nearly recite the dialogue from the Anne of Green Gables movies.  Best thing to come out of Canada, seriously.

There’s tons more so now I’m throwing it back to you.  What do you want to know?


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