Hooray for technology!

I had the pleasure of spending last night by myself. Kevin was off doing guy things (i.e., watching “Transformers 2” with his guys) and I was home to make my own entertainment. After picking up some dinner at Whole Paycheck, I settled in at home to catch up on my DVR shows, blog, and spend some time on FB.

As the evening went on, I finished both Grey’s Anatomy and 90210 (Don’t judge me), and settled in on Legends of the Fall. One minute, Brad Pitt is galloping across a field of waving grasses in Montana, the next I’m fully engaged in a conversation/chat on FB with one of my oldest and dearest friends from my younger days, Princess. She lives in London now and we don’t have much occasion to see one another. Frankly, we don’t even email or write to one another. Our connection is one through this blog and through FB. It was a lovely conversation full of memories and current goings-on and it didn’t feel weird or awkward, or like a year had passed since we’d seen or spoken with one another.

Another friend of mine, PCL, recently questioned on her blog how the act of blogging has impacted her life and relationships with others. Ironically, PCL didn’t start out as my friend, but one of co-workers friends. We met and spent several harried hours surviving the perils of the Inauguration of President Obama this past January. I can’t help but point out that PCL and I would not be friends (even the blogging kind) if it weren’t for the existence of such technology.

But it’s not just Princess and PCL that I keep in touch with as a result of this blog, this obsession with FB and others. In fact, many of the links that appear in my suggested reading to the left of this very post are for blogs of dear friends that I see far too little of. You know what is the coolest, though? The fact that the distance and time doesn’t seem to matter. They are a part of my past, part of my present, and hopefully part of my future.

I know lots of people who will say things like “There’s a reason you haven’t spoken with or seen these people in years.” and I’d argue that for some people, that’s absolutely true. We’ve all made FB friends with people that we are curious about, but never really intend to have as part of our lives, save a few witty comments or status updates every few months. We are all guilty of that.

I’d also argue that yes, there is a reason. In fact, there are a bunch of them. Oh, let’s see, there’s the “maybe they’re mad at me” reason, the “it’s been too long” reason, the “maybe they think I’m mad at them” reason. There’s also the inconvenience factor, the fear factor, and the fact that we have all been busy living our lives, being our own people, and blazing our own trails. I’ll tell you what, though. It was never because I stopped caring about anyone or because they stopped being important. Haven’t we all felt this way about atleast one person we’ve lost touch with through the years? Right, so as I was saying…

I love being in touch and I’m not at all ashamed it took an obsession with a website to do it. It’s the stuff that makes my Friday night a fun chat between dear friends. It’s the stuff that encourages me when I’m feeling down, that lets me know you’ve been there too and that it does get better, and it is the stuff that makes me laugh outloud because you would say something like that.

So, to friends new and old. Thanks for reading and thanks for being in my life whether I see you daily or it’s been years since we last saw one another. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Hooray for technology!

  1. Awwww….

    I love that we're internet friends now after the Big Inauguration Trip. It's one of those things that makes me so grateful for technology.

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