Work: The infinite abyss

This blogging every day thing is pretty hard. I attended a work-related function this evening and didn’t get om until about 20 minutes ago. My feet ache, my face hurts from smiling, my voice is hoarse from being my charming self. I. want. jammies.

My day in general was mixed. I spent way more time on things I wasn’t planning on spending time on and not enough time on the stuff I really wanted to get to. More and more, my days seem to be like this. This is the part of my job that I really dislike–not getting to finish anything I start. For one thing, my job is the kind of job where not only are there a zillion projects simultaneously in progress, but they are all of the utmost importance. They are also the kind of projects that are constantly in progress. So I’m constantly working and nothing really ever gets finished. I shudder at the thought sometimes.

Other times, I love my job. One of my co-workers passed by my office when I was on the phone with a business contact I hadn’t been in touch with in a long time. I was wrapping up the call and as I hung up, said co-worker says “You sound so…friendly!” My response to her was “You sound so…surprised!” Joking of course, because everyone laughs at how friendly I am on the phone. Some people might even venture to say I’m being fake. But I argue that there’s nothing fake about it. In the moment, I absolutely want to know how your daughter/son/grandchildren/spouse/new job/vacation plans/etc., are going. I absolutely feel for you if you tell me a sad story and I’m thrilled for you if you get that promotion you’ve been pushing for. In that moment, we are great friends. Still, I get ripped on from time to time.

In other news, Kevin forgot that I was supposed to be gone this evening and nearly called in the national guard to search for me. He confessed that he first freaked out because my coat was still at the house and then he checked downstairs in the basement to make sure I hadn’t fallen/passed out. He even opened the garage to see if my car was in it (we have been parking outside the garage because we have some projects still being housed in the garage taking up our spaces). I told him a million times where I’d be, but it’s pretty cute that he cares enough to freak out.

Alright, that’s all for now. I’ve got a date with DVR and a cozy bed.


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