I had an appointment to have my hair cut and colored tonight.  I love going to the salon, reading the trashy mags, feeling posh and girly.  I love my hair freshly colored.  I love feeling finished.  So, why is it that every time I go lately, I feel like I have to wear a hat for a few weeks afterward? Perhaps it’s because I’m a curly girl and can never leave the salon dried and satisfied.  Maybe it’s because they don’t use the same special mix of products that I do in just the right way.  Or maybe it’s because she literally sheared my hair off with thinning shears.  I was a thinning shear virgin before tonight.  Only time will tell if it was worth it.  I will probably like it more in a few weeks once my curls settle down.

I guess my question is this: am I the only one that this happens to?  Is it possible for boys to feel this way too? 

I know what I should be doing is NOT putting a lot of weight on my appearance.  But frankly, my appearance isn’t really jiving me lately, so it’s hard not too.  Wait, I know what I need!  Did someone say vacation?!  Riiiiiiggghhttt.


4 thoughts on “Chopped

  1. My stylist introduced me to thinning shears several years ago and I've never looked backed! I usually don't love my hair the first few days after a cut, but then I get used to it. I'm sure your hair looks great!

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