Steps to ruining a nasty, horrible, no good day.

Ever have one of those days where you just aren’t into it? You know the ones. The kind of day when you wake up and you just aren’t into it. The kind of day where nothing is directly wrong, and nothing has directly gone bad, but you still feel like shutting yourself in your office, blaring Radiohead (or some other kind of maudlin music), and just doing your own thing.


I was having one of those days today. Ironic after yesterday’s post, I know. I’ve been bathing in that irony all day.  And not in a good way.

So, as I was saying. I was fighting boredom on the internet working really hard all day and when it was finally time to go, it was dusk.  I pretty much hate this time of year because I can’t stand the dark and gloom that fall and winter bring.  But, this is the price I pay for living in Cleveland, I guess.  Anyhow, I was feeling all moody and down as I left the office.  It was getting dark and it was beginning to sprinkle.  As I pull out of the parking lot, I begin searching for decent tunes and my choices are Beyonce or Green Day. On a normal day, either of those choices would have been fine.  However, today was not a normal day.  I slip in a random CD which happened to be Cowboy Mouth’s newest album.  The first track is a song called “Anything” and the refrain goes something like this:

Now that you’re gone
I find that I’m strong
I can deal with anything
I can handle anything
Yeah I got burned
But what have I learned
I can deal with anything
I can handle anything 

Now, I know that this song is really about a relationship and finally getting over someone, but I also was trying desperately to get over this day.  Yes, it’s a stretch.  Just go with me please. 

As the song continues, I begin to rock out.  I also notice that, despite the clouds and gloom, the sunset behind me was turning into something really amazing with the city skyline and the bright pinks and oranges. I turned my focus to the clouds ahead and what do I see?  A rainbow.  A frigging rainbow!  Not just any rainbow, either.  A FULL rainbow that kept getting clearer and more vibrant as the sun continued to set behind me.  Geez.

So with a song about hope and empowerment rockin’, an undeniably beautiful sunset behind me and one of the nicest rainbows I’ve seen in a while ahead of me, how on earth could I be expected to continue having the worst day? 



2 thoughts on “Steps to ruining a nasty, horrible, no good day.

  1. i HATE those kinds of days!! It's tough this time of year, but that's what chai tea and sweatpants are for! I look forward to reading your daily blogs this month!

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