Things that make me laugh

1. My husband. He’s pretty funny, but sometimes, I don’t think he’s being funny but he sure does. And then I laugh because I’m amused by how funny he thinks he is.

2. Little kids. In any configuration (except maybe when they are screaming their heads off. That makes me sad.)

3. Sophie. She likes to come right up close to me on the couch or when I’m laying in bed, meow really loudly, and give me this stare that means “I see you. I see you NOT petting me. You’re hands aren’t doing anything. Pet meeee. NOW!” Occasionally, she “loses” me and will cry and cry until I call her. She always comes running.

4. Spontaneous dance parties.

5. Leopold “Butters” Scotch.

6. Puppies. I know, I know.

7. The subtle humor of “Glee”, “The Office”, and “How I met your mother”.

8. Being tickled.

9. Gibson. He thinks he owns us. He follows me everywhere, wants nothing more to be in our laps, and makes the cutest little kitty faces ever. He’s also an incredible hunter and I’m pretty sure if it were actually possible to kill a shadow, he would.

10. The word “poot”


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