PCL turned me onto the fact that November is NaBloPoMo. No, I didn’t just sneeze. Apparently, NaBloPoMo is “National Blog Posting Month” and I’ve signed on to accept the challenge. This means that for the month of November, I’m committed to blogging. Every. Day.

Friends, I am going to need you. I’ve never attempted 30 consecutive dates of blog posting. Ever. Plus, I would hate to resort to “Hey, it’s day number 5!” and “Now it’s day number 6!” posts. Super un-fun, right? If I’m taking this challenge, I need to know you’re with me. Comment and comment often. Send suggestions of things you’d like to read about, topics you think would be interesting, feedback, reviews, thoughts, opinions. Rile me up! Inspire me! Ask me questions! Get me thinking!

Is this too much to ask?

In other news, no one has had any panic attacks (noteworthy ones anyhow. This girl has alot on her plate!), or speeding tickets given by unmarked red-light cameras in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Take this as a good thing, please.

So, now it’s your turn–tell me whatcha think?


5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo?

  1. So funny, for a few years now I have eyed the NaNoWrimo where you sign up on line and attempt to write a 50000 word novel in the Month of November. Just never got the guts! Good Luck I will be reading!

  2. I'm so excited that you're doing this! Not only will it be great to have something else to read, but it'll be good to get to know you more.


  3. Kim, Any and all comments/suggestions/etc., will be taken into consideration for posts over the month of November. So if there's something you'd like to know about me…let me know!

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