Yeah we all shine on

A little optimism and goes a long way. We’ve been through what I would like say is was a pretty abismal week. We were determined, however, to make it end on a high note and barring any kind of Sunday catastrope, we’ll be successful.

We’re implementing some small changes.

– We’ve eaten home cooked meals at the dinner table rather than in front of the television.

– We’ve spent time together talking and communicating rather than siloing ourselves off in our own corners of the house.

– We’ve even made it a priority to finish some pending projects.

– We’ve discussed excercise plans to get us moving. Possibilities include purchasing a piece of equipment

– We’re commited to planning THE vacation.

Not to say that we’ve spent every waking second together, but it just feels good to be together, to be on the same page, and to be making it work depsite it all. It’s ironic that I have been posting alot about happiness, stress, and the wonderful cocktail of the two that is my life lately. Right now, Kevin and I are both individually working hard to embrace the sunshine and warmth, the the thunder and the rain. This was just a very thundery, rainy week but this weekend has been full of suns and light. Hopefully, it’s enough to restore us for another round of clouds and rain.

I received several messages and emails and want to thank everyone for their support. For now, rest assured that the East-side Hatgases are doin’ alright.


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