Things I do when I get into a funk:

1. Grind my teeth
2. Cook/bake
3. Complain about how fat I’ve grown as a result of said cooking and baking
4. Drink coffee (as opposed to the normal decaf green tea)
5. Buy new fish for the fish tank (We bought a pregnant fish named Juno and she gave birth to 9 babies! 8 are still living as I type this. RIP baby fish mouth #1, RIP.)
6. Watch Iron Chef
7. Eat cereal for dinner
8. Organize (normally against my nature)
9. Cry (Sometimes. And sometimes it feels good)
10. Eat

What do you do when you get into a funk? And, most importantly, what do you do to get out of a funk?


4 thoughts on “Things I do when I get into a funk:

  1. 1. eat cereal for snack after school and then again for dinner.

    2. Watch too many straight hours of HGTV.

    3. Complain about the fact that I never lose weight despite the fact that I haven't changed my eating habits.

    To get out of said funk:
    1. Sleep

    2. Text my friends Jill and Kim about 300 times in one hour. I know, it is ridiculous but I honestly do feel better after.

    3. And Lately my twice a week Zumba class has really perked me up…I suppose it might be true what they say about exercise.

  2. In a funk, I . . .

    Eat- usually ice cream because I think I deserve it;

    Mentally list my imperfections, and then share them with my husband who tells me they don't exist;

    Never want to get dressed up or go out because I feel so grody (see item 1); and

    Agonize over how hard life is

    To get out of a funk I . . .

    Eat – ice cream, because, like I said, I deserve it

    Go for a drive out Fairmount, Shaker, Gates Mills, etc. with good tunes;

    Wander around Target (it just works, I don't know why)

    Go for a walk in a fancy neighborhood and play the “which house should I buy someday” game

    Watch Golden Girls, Scrubs, or some other sitcom

    Pump up the jams and dance

    Go somewhere to people watch and feel thankful because things could be a lot worse (and I could be a lot worse)

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