An itchy summer

This summer is making me itchy. Itchy for the home improvements to be done, the attempts at re-landscaping/gardening to finally “take”, itchy to grill at every meal (if only I could/had time in the morning to grill cereal…), itchy to read more, do less, buy art supplies, write a novel, go back to school. Every now and again, I get these itches or emotional rashes that seem completely insatiable. It is both a wonderful and completely gut-wrenching feeling because some of this I can’t control, and most of it I can but am too overwhelmingly overwhelmed to act on.

For example, it is all I can do to hold myself back from rushing into the kitchen to whip up a parade of flavor. Thank god the art store is closed because I would rush in buying every color, brush, and canvas. I would also rush out to the garden store to buy all kinds of seeds and plants and continue re-landscaping. All whilst dictating ideas for a book I want to write. Did I mention it’s past my bedtime and I have to work tomorrow morning?

At any rate, I’ve decided that I’ve got to do something that inspires me and helps me have an outlet for some of this crazy energy that so desperately needs to be spent. You know, heal the itch. I just haven’t figured out quite what that is. Yet.

Any suggestions?


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