Is it Friday yet?

My friend Kim has a blog about her perfectly cursed life and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m perfectly cursed in my own way.

I offer you exhibit a: Yesterday’s Traffic Accident Extravaganza. Yesterday, I left work at about 10 after as I have tried to do since my surgery. I got in the car, rolled down the windows, and dialed my mom as I typically do during my half-hour commute. About 10 minutes later, as I’m telling my mom about the new veggie garden we planted this past weekend I see out of the corner of my eye a car that is practically flying come from my right as I enter an intersection. So I brake but can’t brake fast enough. And we collide.

Here are the highlights from the hour and a half that follows:
1) “Can we just exchange phone numbers? This is my baby daddy’s car and he’s on his way now. He’ll pay for everything. See, I didn’t have money to pay for insurance this month…”
2) It took an hour and a half for the cops to respond. I had to call 911 twice. Oh, and when I called the first time, the Cleveland Police Department hung up on the 911 dispatcher…twice. And we must’ve counted 10 police cars passing us by while we waited for help. I might as well have been waiting for the cable guy.
3) Thank god everyone was ok. Atleast I think we are all ok. When Officer Marty showed up, he asked if we needed EMS and the other driver complained of some side pain. Enter both fire and EMS. Excitement!
4) I feel relatively fine. My knee is bruised but que sera, sera. Again, feeling good–coulda been a ton worse. And then it started to rain.

You may be saying to yourself “But Kelly, accidents happen. Why does this accident prove you too may be perfectly cursed?” Perhaps it would help you to know that this is the THIRD accident of this nature (i.e., NOT MY FAULT) in the 6 years that I have owned my vehicle. And one of them resulted in me being sued for bodily injury (the case was later thrown out). Combine this with the “great gall bladder fiasco” of April 2009 and you’ve got yourself one heck of a cursed trend.

Is karma trying to tell me something?


2 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. Just wait, darling. Life is getting in all it can before you’re 30. Once you’re past that you’ll be looking for an accident just to add excitement. ho hum.

  2. Jimminy Christmas. I didn't know about this.

    Make sure to get that knee checked out and keep an eye on it Knees are real sons of bitches

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