Sweet relief is within reach…

For those of you following my recent health woes, I FINALLY have an appointment with a surgeon that my primary doc recommended on Friday afternoon and I’m scheduled for surgery on Monday. YAY!!!!!! People kept asking me if I felt better knowing that I’d be feeling better soon and I do.

The problem is that between Kevin’s surgery and my own surgery and related issues–I will probably miss 2 entire working weeks in April if not more. April is my busiest month and it’s been really hard for me not to be doing the things that I need to be doing. Another staff person was let go just last week and we had a very serious “we don’t have the money to do all the things we are doing” talk at work which means we have to cut things. Which is fine. But still doesn’t feel good going down.

Needless to say my sleep was wrought with worry–about work, about my appointment, about the surgery itself, etc. Plus, I refuse to eat anything but bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast because I know I can eat those things without incident. So I’m starving.

But it’s going to get better right??


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