Dear Gall Bladder…

What ever has made you mad, just drop it ok? I didn’t do it on purpose and I think it’s really not fair of you to be taking things out on me like this.

That’s right, folks. My gall bladder has decided to wage war on my poor body. Thrilling.

One thing I’ve learned is that this is fairly common. However, for those of you blissfully unaware of what this type of thing entails, I pray that you never have to deal with it. I feel like I have a ticking time-bomb in my body and I never know when it will just “go off”.

When I first visited the ER on Thursday, the doc they recommended I follow up with wasn’t able to see me until May 4th! So after this morning’s 7.5 hour visit, I called back and demanded an appointment with someone who could see me sooner. I now have an appointment with someone for next Monday. So the name of the game is keeping my gall bladder in check atleast until then. I have a call out to my primary doc too. I guess I’m officially in the “wait and see” mode.

When this all started going down last week, I’d pretty much convinced myself that this was all a positive thing–that this was the answer that I’d been looking for to all of my stomach issues. Optimism. It’s pretty exhausting to try to be so optimistic when I feel so sick. It’s downright depressing.


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